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As seen by over 47,000 people at Longleat Safari Park, the Go Bananas Show is about Safari Sam and is best friend Giggles, a lovable and unique Purple Gorilla, and their quest to find the very valuable Golden Banana.

Boris the friendly and excited tourist is not all as he seems and has a wicked plan to capture Giggles and his precious banana to become the richest man in the world.  Join Safari Sam on his jungle adventure where good will always prevail evil, and everyone will Go Bananas!

This show is perfect for age 3+ and includes Amazing Magic, Juggling, Singing, Dancing and lots of audience participation. There is Snow, Fog and hundreds of Bubbles.

This production was created in 2007 for Longleat Safari Park where it ran for 2 summer seasons and played to over 47,000 people.

In 2014 it was re worked in colaboration with TNT Productions and played at the Kenneth Moore theatre Ilford and Guildford Yvonne Arnold.


"Go Bananas is as solidly entertaining a children’s show as they come. The cast were terrific; so energized and enthusiastic and the production is choc full of audience participation. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Patrons. You’ll love it! Your kids will love it!”
Sally Woodfield, Kenneth More Theatre

"Funny, exciting and interactive. A lovely afternoon which the children are still talking about!"
Georgina Jones Year group leader for year 2, Christchurch Primary School London


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